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Megan Embraces New Opportunities

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          “When I was four years old,” Megan says, “I had a seizure, and I was taken to the hospital. A helicopter took me to a sick kid’s hospital in Toronto. The ER staff asked ‘Why didn’t you get her here months ago?’ My parents hadn’t noticed any symptoms until that day.”

            Megan had a rare condition. There was a tumor attached to her optic nerves the size of a navel orange. You can feel the shock and pain Megan’s parents experienced on hearing the stunning news.

            In order to untwine the tumor and remove it from her brain, the surgeon had to cut the right optic nerve. Today after 29 radiation treatments, Megan has limited vision in her left eye, and unfortunately no vision in her right eye.

           National Camps for Blind Children (NCBC) helps kids and adults to face unknown territory and fears. They learn to embrace who they are, achieve new goals, and forge friendships that can last a lifetime. Megan explains it best, “I marked my calendar and counted the days until winter camp. I kept asking my friends if they were coming.”

            Winter camp isn’t just about playing in the snow, snowmobiling, rock wall climbing and snow skiing. There’s talent night, sharing time, singing, games and so much more. It’s incredible how much is packed into a week!

           Even more incredible is what this experience does for a blind camper’s self-esteem. Each accomplishment widens boundaries, builds trust, and unlocks potential. There’s no “can’t” at camp!

            Please join us in opening opportunities and a “can do” attitude for a camper like Megan.

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